Challenging Public Schools to Aim Higher

Public education is the foundation of our democracy. As this great nation looks to restart its economic engine, the stakes could not be higher for making our public schools excellent.

Today, more than one million students attend public schools in the Houston region. These children are the ones we're counting on to develop new sources of energy. To care for us as we grow old. And to pass on to their children the values of education and democracy.

At Houston A+ Challenge, we strongly believe that collaborating to strengthen our public schools is the key to ensuring the success of this generation and those that follow.

From parents to grandparents, from business people to elected officials, from pre-school teachers to university leaders, we all have a role to play.

That's the power of the A+ Challenge Network.

Who We Serve

In the 2014-15 school year, Houston A+ Challenge will serve upwards of 2,000 educators and community members through our various initiatives, supporting schools in 20 school districts in and around Houston.

Since 1999, Houston A+ Challenge has helped more than 300 school leaders improve their knowledge and skills in leadership, communications, data analysis, and management -- in order to become the transformational instructional leaders that our children need and deserve.

Leveraging the Power of the Network

Research shows that nothing will impact our children's chances at success more than the quality of their teachers, the effectiveness of their school leaders, and the strength of the partnerships between their schools, families and communities.

We are the only local nonprofit dedicated to:

  • Galvanizing cross-district networks of educators at all levels -- from teachers to principals to superintendents -- who are passionate about the need to transform our public schools and systems to ensure more students graduate ready for post-secondary success.
  • Connecting these A+ educators with national and local experts and research-based innovations that add value and depth to public education.
  • Evaluating the progress of our schools, teachers and school leaders in a reflective environment, in order to coach and challenge them to higher levels.

Our work with public school leaders and teachers impacts thousands of students each year, and the effects last a lifetime.

Challenge Network

Houston A+ is helping area middle schools significantly increase the number of students who are not just passing state tests, but who are on track to be truly ready for post-secondary success. We do this by increasing the capacity of teachers and school leaders, in order to sustain gains beyond the period of assistance from A+.

Gulf Coast Partners Achieving Student Success

This initiative aims to increase college readiness among high school graduates, ease student transitions between high school and community college, and increase student success in community college developmental courses. The regional, three-year project is directed, coordinated and evaluated by The University of Texas at Austin's Student Success Initiatives, and involves eight community college systems and 11 public K-12 school districts in the Houston region.

A+ Unlimited Potential

Houston A+ Challenge launched this innovative mobile middle school in 2013 to explore how the middle school experience can be redesigned for the 21st century, incorporating technology, community resources, character development, and a "coaching for performance" approach to teaching.

Public Engagement Initiatives

A+ believes that an informed and engaged public is the terra firma on which excellent public schools are built.  Through our speaker series, publications, and other initiatives, we work to bring the most innovative, data-supported ideas in education to Houston, engaging all public school stakeholders, from policy makers and superintendents to parents, volunteers and school advocates.


About Houston A+ Challenge

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The Power of the Network: Voices from A+

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