The Wheatley Feeder Pattern in Houston Independent School District focused its Preparing to Dream initiative on strengthening math instruction throughout the campus. The team began with the 9th grade class in the initial project year, and set its sights on increasing enrollment and student pass rates throughout a four-year program of high school mathematics. The team also aimed to increase the number of graduating seniors who enroll in post secondary education.




  • Soon after setting out to implement the school’s focus on math, Preparing to Dream facilitators quickly recognized that Wheatley was suffering from being the beneficiary of many programs and initiatives that were unaligned and uncoordinated. Multiple intervention programs were targeting the same students, often at cross purposes. There was little to no coordination or accountability by the intervening organizations. Numerous meetings and negotiations resulted in better communication, collaboration and alignment among interveners. In particular, Project GRAD and Preparing to Dream began close collaboration at Wheatley.
  • The school’s PTD focus on math has provided teachers with additional professional development for math instruction, and students with additional resources and tutorials.
  • Through the targeted professional development, Wheatley’s math department has implemented routine team meetings and targeted interventions for students.
  • The number of students participating in after-school tutorials in math has increased for the 2010-2011 year to an average of 72 students per tutorial versus an average of 13 per tutorial last year.
  • Preparing to Dream has supported Project GRAD activities and collaborated with GRAD to provide rich summer math activities to Wheatley students. PTD funds helped support additional math intervention as well as additional college visits and parent outreach.
  • Wheatley High School recently received the 2010 College Readiness Award.  The school was recognized for significantly increasing ACT composite scores over the past five years, student participation in the ACT, and improving college readiness.

Notable Results

Texas Success Initiative on Math shows tremendous increases at Wheatley from 2006 to 2010. For comparison, Houston ISD as a whole increased from 42% to 62% over that time frame, so Wheatley results are clearly gaining on the district.
Wheatley has shown impressive growth over the grant period in measures that reflect the primary grant focus on math, such as the TSI, as well as in other indicators of college readiness. Notably, Hispanic “college-ready” graduates in both Math and ELA increased from 0% in 2006 to 19% in 2009.
The number of Wheatley graduates has nearly doubled since the start of the Preparing to Dream initiative; scholarship money has increased to an anticipated $2.5 million in 2011; and dual credit completion rates have dramatically increased for all student populations.

About Houston ISD

Team Leaders

Dr. Terry Grier
Superintendent (2009-11)

Dr. Abelardo Saavedra
Superintendent (2007-09)

Tresa Magee,
Team Leader

David Edgerson
Team Leader (2011)

Wiley Johnson
Team Leader (2010-11)

Lupita Hinojosa
Team Leader (2007-10)

Dr. Venita Holmes
Data Leader

Donna Scott,
Core Team Coach

Dr. Brad Phillips,
Data Facilitator