Cypress-Fairbanks ISD has focused its Preparing to Dream efforts on addressing parent and student needs for more information about college, with a specific focus the newly formed Cypress Lakes High School and its feeder campuses. The district started by creating a new infrastructure to guide, connect and coordinate strategies for developing a college-going culture. This included  a specialist-staffed College and Career Center (CCC) at Cypress Lakes High, a college awareness and access scope and sequence for grades 6-12, and improved data collection and evaluation measures. The Cypress Springs High School feeder pattern, with similar demographics, was chosen as a control for the project and provides the baseline data.

District Activities

Students served at Cypress Lakes CCC: After hours presentations by Cypress Lakes CCC:
Fall 2009  325/179 Fall 2009  487
Fall 2010  500/371 Fall 2010  555

Increased opportunities for students to earn dual credit:

  • 2008-09: 17 courses cross-walked and approved
  • 2009-10: Same 17 courses offered
  • 2010-11: 21 courses approved and offered
  • 2011-12: 24 courses approved and will be offered


Cypress Lakes College and Career Center (CCC) has been a focal point of PTD activities and was the first resource of its kind in CFISD. Plans are in place to duplicate at other high schools.

Features of the CCC that have made it particularly successful include:

  • The center centralizes information and resources related to post-secondary opportunities.
  • The center offers support for Dual Credit and SAT/ACT registration, obtaining fee waivers, college application help and course planning.
  • The center remains open in the evening for appointments, workshops, and supervised work time for those needing assistance with college admissions and financial aid.

The district is using technology to expand its reach to additional students and families. Growing demand for services and information is being met with the use of Adobe Connect classrooms, using technology to take the information to the students and allow for discussion and question and answer periods in an efficient manner. This enables more students to be served with each passing year.

A new data collection method was identified and implemented via highly advanced multi-function machines that use regular paper to create scannable documents.   CFISD was able to customize and automate the way they collect information from students, parents, and teachers through surveys, information forms, and training attendance sheets. Once scanning is complete, the data are pulled into a data set and then tied to pre-existing information such as courses taken, demographic information, and historical statewide assessment performance.

Another important outcome at Cy Fair has been a stronger relationship with post-secondary institutions – in particular, Lone Star College-Cy-Fair. This relationship has grown significantly, as evidenced by the growth in dual credit offerings not only at Cy-Lakes, but also throughout the district.

Notable Results

Cy-Fair’s PTD methodology of choosing a new high school and a control school has resulted in a rich core of data and comparisons. However, due to the fact that Cypress Lakes will not see its first class of graduates until May 2011, little AEIS outcome data is currently available. For this reason, the notable results gathered focus on specific outcomes of the district activities.

Cypress Lakes has very high AP/Dual Credit enrollment, in spite of 2010-11 representing the first senior class at that school.
The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a program designed to improve student success in college.  Students may be exempted from taking a test for the Texas Success Initiative if they have a high enough score on their exit-level TAKS tests as set by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB). This indicator shows the percent of students who achieved this level of proficiency by subject (English language arts and mathematics) for 2010.

Significantly more Cypress Lakes HS students report the indicators of a college-bound culture than students at the district’s control high school.

About Cypress-Fairbanks ISD

Team Leaders

Dr. David Anthony

Jennifer Williams
Team Leader (2010-11)

Dr. Marie Keith
Team Leader (2007-10)

Dr. Rayann Amine
Data Leader

Dr. Harriet Arvey
Core Team Coach

Dr. Jack Schmit
Data Facilitator