A+UP Mobile School Featured in Local, National Press

Read more about how A+UP is breaking new ground as a school designed not around classrooms and textbooks, but around students, their communities, and technology.


A+ Announces 2014-15 Speaker Series on Public Education

Greater Houston has become known nationwide for its innovative schools and initiatives.  Yet a stubborn problem persists: too few students are on track for success. In this year's series, we explore two paths forward: doing better- refining and improving our existing schools and systems - and doing differently- rethinking the definition and purpose of school in the 21st century.  

Join us for this year's free, open-to the public speaker events as we dive deep into research on what works and explore groundbreaking new models for education.

A+ Releases White Papers on Education Policy and Practice

Drawing on lessons learned from Houston A+ Challenge's 15 years of work in school reform, our new white papers provide a road map for strengthening innovation, middle schools, teacher quality, and principal leadership in Texas.