Examples of Innovative School Models


A  pioneering public school in New York City that offers a promising new model for student engagement. Designed from the ground up by a team of teachers and game designers, and firmly grounded in over 30 years of learning research, Quest to Learn re-imagines school as one node in an ecology of learning that extends beyond the four walls of an institution and engages kids in ways that are exciting, empowering and culturally relevant.

Science Leadership Academy

The Science Leadership Academy is a partnership high school between the School District of Philadelphia and The Franklin Institute. SLA is an inquiry-driven, project-based high school focused on 21st century learning that opened its doors on September 7, 2006. SLA provides a rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum with a focus on science, technology, mathematics and entrepreneurship. Students at SLA learn in a project-based environment where the core values of inquiry, research, collaboration, presentation and reflection are emphasized in all classes.

Rocketship Education

A network of high-performing, urban, college-preparatory K-5 charter schools, combines traditional classroom instruction with a learning lab that enables individualized instruction through online adaptive technology and tutors.

iZone (Innovation Zone)

Schools in New York City adopt strategies to promote personalized learning; some schools are redesigning their schools (budgets, staff, space, scheduling, instruction, technology) around students’ needs, motivations, and strengths; others are focused on online and blended learning; etc.

School of One

Provides differentiated instruction using technology, in New York City.

Citizen Schools

Taps adult workers to come into middle schools to extend learning time and expose students to diverse professional talents.

Innovation Lab Network

Advancing personalized learning by creating flexible credit policies that credential student work done outside of school, redefining learning materials to include more than textbooks, and letting students demonstrate competency throughout the year rather than just the end of the school year 2000.

Carpe Diem Schools

A tuition-free Arizona public school system is truly “seizing the day” and changing the ecology of education by leveraging technology to make education more relevant, efficient, and effective. Options include a physical campus and an online campus that uses strategically located Student Support Centers.