The Challenge is Real

A students' level of academic achievement by 8th grade is a better predictor of college matriculation than anything that happens in high school.

Middle school students who merely pass state tests in 8th grade may have as low as a 15 percent chance of being on track for college & career - while those who achieve a higher level are up to FIVE TIMES more likely to graduate high school ready for postsecondary success.

The effectiveness of a student's teacher has a greater impact on lifelong achievement than any other factor, including socioeconomic background.

Principals have little time to be instructional leaders who help their teachers improve their skills.  Infrequent walk-through's just aren't cutting it.

Supporting middle school teachers to improve their teaching and achieve authentic learning in classrooms is perhaps the best way we can ensure Houston-area public school students are prepared for lifelong success. 

The Challenge Network: Strengthening Schools & Educators

Houston A+ Challenge offers Houston-area teachers & school leaders a wide range of professional learning opportunities that strengthen instruction, school culture, family engagement, technology integration, and more.

Learn more about our open-enrollment Workshops; monthly Academies that create time and space for school leaders to learn and collaborate; Campus-Based Work packages including coaching, custom workshops and more.

Strong Teaching & Leadership - Real Learning

The Challenge Network builds the capacity of Houston-area schools - particularly middle schools - to ensure that students are ready for success in high school, college and careers.

We believe that authentic teaching & learning - reading real books, solving real problems, and engaging in meaningful dialogue with peers and teachers - is the key to every kind of school success (including - but not limited to - test scores).

We partner with schools to develop that authentic teaching & learning through a variety of strategies aligned to their own school and district goals.  In-class coaching, curriculum planning, parent engagement work, networking and professional development for school leaders, technology initiatives and more - no matter the strategy, we help schools keep teaching & learning at the center of their work. 

Read more about and our Approach to professional learning.

2010-14: School Partnerships in the Challenge Network

To help prepare more students for post-secondary success, middle school campuses from across the region partnered with A+ for deep, on-campus work. A+ Coaches for leadership, literacy and mathematics worked with teachers and school leaders at each Challenge Network school, strengthening leadership and teaching, increase student achievement, and improve the college-going culture on campus.  

Read more about the History & Results of these partnerships.